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PostSubject: Paragon-Total-Defrag-2010-Special-Edition   Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:26 pm

File system starts out with all or most of its files contiguous, and
Becomes more and more fragmented as a result of the file creation and
deletion over the time. Thus files and Their parts become spread all
over the hard disk, Which FOLLOWS the Delays in the hard disk work and
further and lower performance. TotalDefrag 2010 is a new comprehensive
product for total file system defragmentation and optimization. Built on
original Paragon technologies, it performs complete low-level
defragmentation That provides almost zero fragmentation level.

Key Features and Benefits of Total Defrag 2010:
Smart Defragmentation
Maximize file system performance - Perform safe boot-time
defragmentation of MFT and paging files, online Directory Consolidation.
Moreover, defragment and move critical system files and frequently
accessed files together on the external (fast) cylinders of the hard
9 File System Optimization Strategies
Use any of 9 optimization strategies on partitions of any size or number, Whether your hard drivers are IDE, SATA or SCSI.
Fast and the most comprehensive defragmentation
Original Paragon Technologies Allows to overcome Limitations of the
build-in Windows ®️ Defrag. Also unlike other defragmenters, Paragon
Total Defrag works at low-level, can sort and move files to external
(fast) cylinders and requires less Than 1% of free space on the hard
drive to operate.
2 Defragmentation Modes
Use one of two available modes for defragmentation: Fast or Safe. Safe
Mode is slower but it protects your data in case of a power failure
During defragmentation.
Bootable CD / DVD
Run Paragon Total Defrag without installation. Create a bootable CD or
DVD and boot the system and defragment all the available disks Directly
from it.

Like a Star @ heaven
Download: Paragon-Total-Defrag-2010-Special-Edition.exe
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